Who We Are?

Everyone merits great well-being and at medznow.com, your well-being and prosperity are our need. We as a medznow.com team welcome you to our About Us page.

Medznow.com is not simply one more online pharmacy. It is one of the best online drug stores to provide a wide range of medicines to every corner of the USA. Although we are new to the online market, We know the pharmacy and wellbeing industry back to front, continually guaranteeing we offer the most breakthrough medications. Our company deals with the leading medicine manufacturing brands from all around the world and our professional pharmacist team makes sure that every medicine should be genuine and approved by the FDA. Because of this, we can provide the best quality medicine at an affordable price. 

For us, our customer’s trust and comfort are more important than making money. As a new company in this field, we always try to learn from our customers’ reviews and requirements. That’s why our technical team works hard to optimize this site and make it more user-friendly.

About Medznow

Medznow is one of the best new growing companies, We are new in the business. But We are moving ahead on the strength of our service and the trust of our customers. Our company provides all types of medicine at an affordable price and we deliver them to your door. Bigphrmausa believes that people’s health is a most valuable asset and we help them to stay healthy as much as possible. The one-time service we provide will definitely come back which is the trust of the customers at medznow.


Our Services

Our company works hard seven days a week to provide people best medical service in the USA. At Medznow you can buy pain relief medicines, sleeping pills, medicines for ADHD, Anti-anxiety medications, Medicines for Weight loss, Medicines for men’s or women’s health problems, etc. You can order the medicine at our website or by phone or email, we will send your order as soon.


From Medznow people will get the medicines at our website cheaper than the other pharmacy that exists near you. We deliver the medicines at the consumer door safely and early. We use a modern technology tracking system for the delivery that helps us to find your home quickly.

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What We Do?

At medznow.com, we as a team get our heads down to fulfill our customer’s requirements. From the beginning, we are dedicated to providing every medicine on a single platform and now we are available with various medications like medicines for ADHD, Sleeping pills, Anti-anxiety, medicines for weight loss, medicines for men’s health, etc. You can order medicine for yourself or someone else by visiting our site and we will make sure to deliver your order to the doorstep.


Medznow.com is designed in such a way that any age group of people can access this site very easily. This site can be opened on any device with a very clean interface. To avoid heavy traffic, parking problems, and monsoons for buying medicine you don’t have to go anywhere. You just have to log on to medznow.com, order medicine online and have your medicines delivered to you without leaving your home.

With the help of easy instructions and navigation buttons, even a person without much experience in the online ordering site will be able to make an order from our site. After adding medicines to the cart, our site will easily guide that person to the payment details form. This shows how convenient our site is. Our only motto is to make it easy to buy medicine online for our customers

One-stop Shop

At medznow.com, we are dealing with a wide range of prescription and non-prescription medicines for almost every problem such as ADHD, Anti-anxiety, Men’s health, Pain relief, Sleeping pills, Weight loss, and many more. We only deal with FDA-approved medications to make sure our customers will get the best quality products.

Safe Packaging

Our every order goes through an automatic packaging system to make sure our customers will get the product as it is. For safety purposes, our team checks the ordered medicines and their expiry dates before starting packaging. We believe our packaging can describe our responsibilities towards our customers. That's why we make sure to deliver your order with strong packaging untouched by bare hands.

Delivery Facilities

For us, our customer is our king. So every policy of our company is for our customer's comfort. Our site provides fast and free delivery to every corner of the USA on every purchase without any minimum amount. We believe medicine is a vital part of everyone’s life and to be delivered as quickly as possible. For that, our team will make sure to dispatch orders on the same day of the order being placed and to be delivered within 48 hours. To make sure our customers' lives are easy, at medznow.com we are providing free cancellation at any point of order.

Our responsibility

Always, We try to earn your trust. It is our responsibility that if you order medicine then we deliver it soon.

These are some points that we believe that is our responsibility are-


Our first priority is to fulfill the customer’s requirement. We take care of customers’ orders and deliver them the order at the time that is the best customer service, and we are good at it.


Before the delivery, we take care of packaging your order and recheck it. If the packaging of the product is not good then in the delivery process it can harm the product. That’s why we pack the product in a multilayer that helps to keep the product safe.


Our company Medznow helps our consumers with integrity and honesty and helps them stay healthy.


We provide only authorized medicine and are aware of misinformation and fake medicine or fake news.


Our organization works with a helping mentality and we are always ready to be helpful to the needy and give them the best service.

At Medznow you will get FDA approved medicine at an affordable price. We protect our community of consumers and businesses and prevent the spread of misinformation on Medznow.